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Tabula rasa is a project that aims to make life easier for fathers, mothers and caregivers. It is the materialization of the study and design of the first gastronomic space of a baby's life.


Research, design and production of the ideal gastronomic space for the practice of BLW

BLW (Baby Led Weaning) is a method of starting complementary feeding self-regulated by the baby. It is intended to study and determine the special needs derived from this practice and establish an ideal atmosphere for it as well as the design and manufacture of the appropriate furniture.


Determining architecture


Usually, the first experiences are decisive in the course of subsequent relationships in multiple areas. The same thing happens with food. The purpose of offering babies a healthy diet with this method is to promote their proper development and establish a better relationship with food from the beginning, and the correct design of this space is decisive.

for who?

Babies from 6 months


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that it be from 6 months when complementary feeding begins. The aim is to study the complex physiological and cognitive needs and contribute to their correct satisfaction and development, specifically in the first 1000 days of development.


Housing, nurseries and schools

Although the objective of this thesis is to determine the architectural requirements derived from the practice of BLW and to manufacture the ideal furniture, it is considered appropriate to contemplate its subsequent incorporation into spaces where this practice is carried out, including schools and nurseries beyond the domestic sphere.


Replicable guidelines

There are many parameters that determine a correct gastronomic space. From functional to light, texture, color... On many occasions these are improvised and do not respond to the quality necessary to achieve the objectives that this methodology sets. It is intended to determine clear guidelines for its design as well as to design and manufacture the ideal furniture.

The project

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